Fendyk Community

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Fendyk Minecraft server

Launching 3 February.

1.11 Server

The server will run at spigot 1.11. So make sure you use this minecraft version.

Customized Plugins

Almost 70% from our plugins is customized. This means less bugs and more fun!


We can buy a rank for a monthly fee. The reason because of that is we are in beta.


Kill people, earn coins and improve your skills.

Earn Coins by killing players!

When you kill a player, you will receive 1 coin and a ore. You can sell your ore in the shop for extra coins!

Receive a bonus for voting!

When you give us a vote for our server, you will get amazing bonuses!

A detailed map to play Kit-PvP!

We were mostly busy at trying to make sure the map is playable and fun to play!

Ready to play?